Enter The Tarot

The Sarah Wheatley tarot has consumed and transformed my life for the past ten years. I am hoping to publish a deck very soon indeed so please sign up for my mailing list on the front page and like my Facebook page for updates. I have finished the main artwork and am now writing a guide book and designing the packaging.

Each original painting is 35 X 50 cm on rag paper in gouache, watercolour and ink. I love doing intricate details, because it’s like a mantra. Every card has to have its detail challenge, its heroic element. I like to think it infuses them with a living energy.

This tarot has been an epic personal odyssey, an obsession and a miraculous tool for healing myself. I hope it can do it’s small part to help heal humanity as well, and inspire their love for Gaia, the living planet, and for the animals and birds and sea creatures that populate these cards.

Artwork and text © Sarah Wheatley (SW) 2020

11 thoughts on “Enter The Tarot

  1. Marvellous tribute to your mother. I echo your sentiments for others to realize their higher counsciousness. Someone once said to me that if women ran the world, we wouldn’t have gone to the moon, but we would have cured cancer by now.

    1. I wish women would allow themselves power. It seems that in the Western world we are mostly limited by ourselves these days. Though of course there are still systemic barriers.
      In an ideal world power would be shared, just as the sanest people are always a mixture of masculine and feminine. But then in an ideal world the people would be conscious and not need told what to do at all.

  2. I have just come across your website and have totally fallen in love with your artwork! I’m in South Africa – please let me know when you will be publishing the tarot deck, would love to order one! 🙂

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