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Hello everyone, I have some news at last on the third edition release. As I have mentioned before I have been working on formatting a Tarot sized deck. I have recently received test copies of the deck printed by a US based manufacturer that I am very happy with, and I am planning to release a Tarot size deck and a Poker size deck as soon as possible. I need to fix the boxes and order samples of those and with shipping being slow these days that will probably take another month, but after that I will be good to go, so I can certainly say we will have something happening in time for the Winter solstice if not before. I won’t be doing fund raisers or preorders, because this manufacturer doesn’t really do bulk discounts in the same way as some of the Chinese manufacturers, but their prices are very affordable. As soon as I have a sample I am totally happy with, I’ll just open up the shop for sales.
There will still be a large deluxe edition, which I might need to fund raise for, but that will be next year some time. I decided to work on the smaller versions first to get used to box making tools and vector graphics, and I must say, the Tarot size is very pleasant to use and to look at. I am loving the richness of colours that this new printer had achieved!
Anyway I will get to work on those boxes now and keep you all posted of how things are progressing.

14 thoughts on “Release News!

  1. So exciting! I have wanted a copy of this deck ever since I learned of it, and I’m so pleased that a third edition might become a reality soon…

  2. Hi Sarah, I have been following your deck since it’s initial creation, but still haven’t managed to get a copy, I am so excited about the new edition and would love to hear about other major or minor changes to the artworks.
    Best wishes to you.

    1. The guide book is a whole seperate issue I’m afraid. I doubt there will be a hard copy until next year some time. I have plans to rework it over the winter.

  3. Great news! Definitely would love to get a Deluxe Set . Keep us posted on fundraising please. I bought your 1st Edition and your work, the history of The Forgotten Goddess. Asherah, Wife of Yahweh. Thank You so very much.

  4. Hi Sarah, Any new updates on when the deck will be ready for purchase? Was thinking about it this morning and thought I would check in. Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Megin, I am going to make a post soon to update. The printer I was going to try seems to have issues sadly, so I am looking for another printer, which might delay things somewhat.

  5. Hi Sarah, just wondered if there is any update on your deck being printed in Australia. I live in Northern NSW so it seems a bit silly to buy from the US with all the postage when I’m really just down the road from you! I am thinking to just be patient and wait it out….but it is my birthday soon…..
    Thanks, Suzanne 🙂

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      I did live down the road from you for a very long time (including when I was making the deck), but I moved to Scotland a few years ago. It really isn’t practical to set up a printer in Australia from a distance so sadly for now it’s the US or bust. Luckily they did start shipping to Australia again after a long Covid break.
      Kind Regards

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