Asherah Tarot Release (Poker Size)

Today I have opened a store on a US based Print on Demand service and released a Poker size version of the Asherah Tarot Third Edition. Poker size cards are 63mm x 88mm, (2.5″ x 3.5″), so this is a small size deck. It comes in a tuck box and has 10 extra cards, which have interpretations of all the cards and correlations to the Qabalah. I am very happy with the colours and feel of this deck, and although it is small, it is glorious!

Click here to purchase deck.

There will be future releases of larger size decks, as and when I find appropriate printers for them, but I decided that I might as well start selling the Poker size deck now. It’s possible I will release a tarot size deck from the same printer if they can provide good proofs, but best case scenario is that won’t be for three or four weeks. Worst case is I might need to find another printer altogether for the Tarot size, as I certainly will have to for the deluxe large version.

I am also looking at Print on Demand options for other parts of the world, because the big problem at the moment is international shipping prices. It’s impossible to say how this will pan out as so many POD companies seem to be in difficulties or raising their prices exponentially. I have the files ready to make the decks so it’s just a question of finding the producers. If you are aware of any good POD options in your region please let me know. 

Thanks as always for all your support and encouragement. I am working towards more releases as soon as possible, and planning a hard copy book soon too.
Watch this space!
Love Sarah

8 thoughts on “Asherah Tarot Release (Poker Size)

  1. That’s exciting, Sarah! I will wait for the larger size. I like large size decks so I can see the art better. Thank you and keep us updated on the larger size deck! Megin

  2. Thanks, Sarah, and congratulations! I’d be curious to hear from folks who already have the deck: what size cards you have, and any recommendations about what that size is like to work with.

  3. This is great news! My old eyes will wait for a bigger size as well, but I’m so excited to see more decks becoming available!

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