Tiger Star (and release news)

Hello again all you lovelies!
Sadly the printer I was hoping to use appears to be unable to produce cards with structural integrity. The coating is not adequately sealed and deteriorates quickly which is a shame because they got the colours spot on. This is unfortunately an unacceptable defect and so I am on the hunt for another printer. This of course pushes everything along into 2022. On the good side the worldwide shipping issues caused by the pandemic might have eased by then. It has not been an easy time for self publishing!

I’m very grateful for your patience and encouragement. All the kind people who have contacted me expressing interest should know that each message lifts my spirits and gets me back to work. For me the road of self publishing has been fraught from the start as I am sure it is for everyone. I am getting used to the struggle though now and starting to see a lot more possibilities. In a way the delays have been beneficial, because my perspective has changed a lot, and I have had time to format the Tarot size, which I am starting to realise is my key product, being large enough to show off the artwork and small enough to be affordable to ship and produce.

Regarding the pdf of the guide book, I am still willing to send out copies. Just contact me via the form. It will get updated and hard copied eventually.

And finally I have shared the new Princess of Wands, as a thank you for your support, and to honour my dear sweet kitty cat who died last week at the age of 20 and who was integral to the creation of the cards. He is included in this card because he is the original Tiger Star.

A Happy Holiday to you all and Best Wishes for the New Year
Love Sarah

12 thoughts on “Tiger Star (and release news)

  1. Thank you for the update, Sarah. I’m sorry to hear of the passing of your kitty. My last Kitty, Hazel, left me after 20 years. I know the hole their passing leaves in our lives. I’m sending good luck vibes to find the right printer! I look forward to your gorgeous deck in 2022!

  2. Hi Sarah
    I love to receive the odf of the guidebook because I have your pocketdeck at the moment and cannot wait for a full size version of it.
    Kind regards
    Maria Louisa

  3. Thank you, Sarah. I am so looking forward to the deck! I love that Princess of Wands. So sorry about your kitty.

  4. I would love to receive a PDF copy of the guide book. Because I live in Indonesia , it’s really hard to get things sent to me. I have a backlog of about 7 decks sitting in the U.S. right now. So a PDF works better than a hard copy for me. Very much looking forward to the deck. Good things are always worth the weight. Thank you for persevering and for the effort that steep learning curves take.
    Juna, Natural Mystic Guide

    1. If you contact me using the form I will send you a copy. Shipping is a nightmare right now. I’ve heard that some artists have entire editions sitting in container ships unable to berth.
      S xx

  5. I just got a copy of the poker-sized deck, very happy! I would appreciate a pdf of the guidebook.


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