ASHERAH TAROT Tarot Size Release

Greetings to you all on the Day of the Fool!
Seemed like an appropriate New Moon to open up the store for the Tarot size release (Tarot size: 70mm X 120mm, 2.75″ X 4.75″).
Asherah Tarot Tarot Size (Click to Buy)

This deck comes with 81 cards, 78 Tarot cards and 3 extras, in a sturdy side opening tuck box. I wasn’t able to fit enough extra cards in the box to do a full keyword guide, but I am currently working on a printable pdf of that information which will be available for free on my site.

This is another US release, and sadly the postal situation to Australia and New Zealand is still an issue. The printer wants to ship there, but USPS currently has no parcel service going to these countries due apparently to Covid. We are hoping this will change soon, but I am making enquiries about finding an Australian printer if things don’t improve. World trade is getting ever more dysfunctional and expensive it seems and all I can do is try to find work arounds and get as many decks out there as possible.

The good news is that the printer I am using also does books so I am planning to release a hard copy guide book through them as soon as possible. In the mean time I am still giving out the pdf to anyone who contacts me. I am dubious as to how how efficient this sites mailing list is. The last post I made failed to send notification emails to me, so please let me know if you aren’t receiving updates.

I hope you enjoy the Tarot size deck. It really is the best rendering of the colours I have seen so far and personally it is my favourite version size wise as well. This is the version I choose to use myself.
Sadly this printer doesn’t do anything larger so it could be quite a while before I find the right place to produce a deluxe jumbo edition. Prices have gone up exponentially everywhere both for shipping and production and many printers seem to be on their last legs. I will keep you posted as to developments.

12 thoughts on “ASHERAH TAROT Tarot Size Release

  1. Yah! Thank you, Sarah! This is the most exciting news. I’ve been watching and waiting for the tarot size forever! I’m ordering now. Megin

  2. Thank you Sarah! I just ordered, I have the poker size for my purse but was looking forward to the tarot size. I look forward to the larger size, no matter how long it takes. So excited to receive the tarot size now.

  3. Awww if I knew this was coming out so fast I wouldn’t get the poker sized deck!! That being said, I hope I can get a copy of the PDF guidebook please Sarah. Let me know if I need to show you proof of my order <3

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Where can I find more information about the cardstock you use for the beautiful Asherah Tarot (both, pocket and tarot-size version)?
    Also just a question – is there a chance I could order a copy of this tarot in plastic?
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Mascha,
      I am using the Embossed stock option for both sizes which is:
      “Embossed Stock: 11.0-pt. (280 micrometers) thickness, 320 gsm, black core card stock from German paper manufacturer Koehler. Embossed cards incorporate a subtle raised texture that creates air pockets for easier shuffling and dealing.”
      The current printer has no plastic option, but I am curious to try it out some time elsewhere and see if I like it. In which case I might offer a deck for sale. Always looking for new print options.

        1. Ah sorry about that. I was getting a ton of spam through there and put a bot filter on that’s obviously choked the whole thing. Just send me an email at foxvolant(at)gmail and I will get it to you.

  5. Hi Sarah, just received your tarot size deck. Fabulous! I tried to use the CONTACT page to request the PDF but I gave me an error. Is there an email address I can use to contact you directly? Though I am very familiar with Thoth and RWS versions, I am keen to learn about your artistic choices. Such a lovely deck.

    Thanks in advance

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