The Butterfly Collector

The light that is one though the lamps be many.

Narcissus of self love. It was picking a Narcissus that caused the Earth to spring open at Persephones’ feet.

Leary identified it as the Teenage Barbarian.
“The Hermit monk rejects or postpones hive-parental responsibility and searches for a higher role.
Extended adolescence is the genetic blossom of a successful species.”

Research by Carl Jung concludes that when one has been alone for an extended period of time, ones psyche produces visions and revelations.

The butterfly…hm. I found it on the path.

7 thoughts on “Hermit

  1. I love this image and am definitely interested in purchasing a print of it when available, as I am interested in the entire deck. Hope that you publish it in some way.

    1. I am planning to start selling prints soon, and will certainly let you know. I also fully intend to publish, one way or another, but I refuse to give up creative control, even slightly, so it might be necessary to do it myself.

  2. Dear Sarah, I am absolutely stunned by the beauty of your work and will definitely be buying prints from you when they are available. I will definitely be buying your tarot deck when they are published too.
    Your works are so alive. It seems to me that they portray everyday women in the here and now, following ancient yet so relevant paths today, bringing them to life. Very inspiring!
    Your works are a delight to look at. The colours you use are interesting, vibrant and living.
    I almost can expect them to come to life!
    Thank you!!!

      1. Sarah, sorry that it has taken a while to get back to you. Thank you for leaving a link for your prints. Leave it with me and as soon as i can i will order a print from you. Thanks Morgann

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