Three of Cups

I got the idea for this card by looking at pictures of ancient Greek pottery. They do wonderful drinking cups in this shape with stylized eyes on them, so I thought it might be fun to make the eyes more lifelike.

Wine, dancing, music, communion in cups. This is a real human connection that is very powerful but often also illusory and temporary. It’s wise as Crowley of all people points out, to distrust the good things in life. And yet without experiencing those moments of Bacchanalia we can never really grow to our full potential. People who never lose control are living in fear of their own inner beast. And fear is a half life.

In a more literal sense these are three muses that appear so often in this card, three women in fact, whose coming together is so often the catalyst of great things in life. Certainly it has always been this way in my life. It also depicts the increasing effect of each glass of wine. I think it is very often women who make the connections between people blossom. Without the great sea of common affection and support that exists between women, the human race would have gone extinct millenia ago.

5 thoughts on “Three of Cups

  1. Your cards are always such a surprise, such a unique take on them! I love them. This is wonderful, the smile growing with each new cup. I think you’re right, women are the glue that binds society. We’re the ones who organize the family gatherings, send birthday cards, make the calls, keep in touch. I’d say we’ve earned those glasses of wine! 🙂

  2. I am a little surprised by your comment about people who never loose control: how can people loose something which is only an illusion? Although many people try to maintain the pretence of control, it is only when we accept that we do not have any control over what happens that we are free to reach our full potential. Only with this acceptance can we be truly fearless – the knowledge that we have no control negates any fear as fear is only proportional to the level of control we believe we have. Of course, we can ‘control’ (for want of a better word) how we react to what happens to us … but even this is a discipline that requires intense practice and meditation. A fearful life is certainly a half (and I would submit even less than a half) life … which is why I do not agree that it is wise to distrust the good things in life.
    As you point out, human connections can also be illusory and temporary. They can, however, also be very real – even if temporary. Every person I have encountered has certainly taught me more than they are ever likely to realise. You continue to do so, and I thank you for that. While I also agree with you and the delightful Digital Dame that women are the key stakeholders holding the fabric of society together, women are often their own worst enemies: if women really supported one another unconditionally, women would not undermine their female colleagues in the work place; women would not knowingly seduce other women’s partners; women would not undermine other women by attacking their appearance, their lifestyle choices, their children (ie the recent facebook comments vis-à-vis the Bonds baby competition), etc. As the card envisages, when women come together great things are possible … when all women come together, anything is possible.

    1. Just about everything is an illusion when it comes down to it, but most especially permanence. This too shall definitely pass.
      Illusion is very powerful, people can hold very tight onto something that isn’t there. Maybe it’s the same creative power of nothing, that the Work card is all about.
      But I suppose there is a point at which the good things turn bad, when you realize every high has a low. And the things that really do last, like our friendship, become extremely valuable.

      You really hit a chord with the statement about female solidarity. I think many women are starting to realize how essential this is for a happy life. We musn’t give into a competitive victim mentality, and peck each other to death. But you know if chickens are kept amused and well fed they never peck each other. So we just have to avoid turning ourselves into a battery chickens I guess XD
      And just try our best to be a good human being.
      I love that last line! Damn it girl you are so hired. :DD

  3. So true: we just need to do our best to live our lives as good human beings. I do believe there is a happy, healthy, free-range chicken inside every woman!

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